The Spa Industry Chose Me

The Spa Industry Chose Me.

The Spa Industry chose me for my heart. My heart for people, not for money or for fame. This industry is a space for intimacy, vulnerability, and freedom. Many people don’t know the true meaning of beauty, beauty is more than an outward appearance, it is truly how you internally feel. Whether you come to see me for facials, body treatments, or body waxing you will always receive the experience of a lifetime. All because you deserve it, not because of any dollar amount, or any self satisfaction. Self Love-Care is good baggage to carry, especially when life’s obstacles arrive, it is important to make time for a relaxing service. Brenda Sheree Esthetics offer services where you heal, recover, and rejuvenate in one session.

The Spa Industry Chose Me

God has equipped me over the years of pain, struggle, and heart- break to have the opportunity to love on someone else. The opportunity to heal through my hands, and speak life over my clients. When I tell you, the pain we experience isn’t always for us, but for someone else. The pain and suffering reveals something much more than ourselves, but a body of people.


“But I will restore you to health, and heal your wounds, “declares the Lord”. -Jeremiah 30:17


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