Follow me I'm Sweet and Sour

Follow me I’m Sweet & Sour.

Real life people, I’m not talking about Reality TV or even “Instagram Worthy” post, but Real Relatable People. Like me. 

To describe myself as sweet & sour, can I’m sure turn heads, and make you want to roll your eyes, but hey I’m sure you’ll keep your eyes opened for the rest of this blog post. (Hehe)

I’m sweet because I am just that I care for others, and often put others needs before my own. Most would say “well that’s pure stupidity but it’s the hospitality gift that God has given me. Don’t get me wrong I draw the line (as we should). BUT it’s sweet because not everyone has a heart for people, a heart to love, to feel some ones pain, and genuinely care to help them overcome. I just laughed out loud literally because I just thought to myself Brenda you are an introvert & it’s true I am, but then I’m not. I can’t really explain it. I like to love from a far. Kidding! BUT it’s important to me to be social, and to also have personal time where I’m either home or out in about SOLO DOLO. All in all it feeds my soul to see the success of others, my life is blessed when I see people glowing and walking in their absolute purpose.

I’m sweet because I’m such a smiley face. One of my brothers in Christ actually described me as having a permanent smiley face, and I’ll never forget that because I never looked at myself in that way, but it’s true. Even during those times where the last thing I want to do is smile, I’m somehow smiling (well, half smiling) Even when I’m upset I smirk, it’s weird I know but it’s me and it’s sweet. My smile has and will carry me a long way; there’s something about a smile that can’t be overlooked. Smiles make people’s day, it allows them to know they’re liked or loved. A smile is powerful especially when you can smile during struggles, obstacles, transformations whether good or bad. Show your teeth more, I promise you, you might gain a dimple. Well I haven’t yet, still waiting on that. ;)

I’m sweet because I am a daughter, I am a friend, I am a sister, I am a leader.

I’m sweet because my past doesn’t define me. 

I’m sweet because I am unashamed and will pursue passion and purpose before anything else.


I’m sour because I do not take NO for an answer, well that could be good because there’s determination there, but also bad because in what we call life there will be some NO’s but there are also YES’S. What is also sour about me is the entitlement mindset I could sometimes carry (I think it’s an only child thing)

I’m sour because I’ve made many mistakes that I am not proud of. Some days I try to un do the mistakes i’ve made.

I’m sour because of the trauma that caused me to allow fear, anxiety, and depression to creep into my life.

I’m sour because I faced challenges and have face obstacles that at the age of 25 years old most couldn’t say that they’ve experienced it as well.

You know when something is sour our natural reaction is to spit it out. Reject it, or make unpleasant facial expressions. 

You set the standard for your life, whatever is sour in your life just like a sour green apple you can bite into it, you can even swallow it, BUT you can also make the choice to not finish it, throw it away, and move on. 

You are not defined by the sour parts of your life.

Follow me Im Sweet and Sour

Before I looked at my past, or even things now I may not like about myself now and I’d mean mug myself BUT that did nothing but me down. I can now see my wrongs, look at my past and smile because I am human one, two I have gems that are significant to you, HER, HIM, US, WE, AND A WORLD that needs people to be real raw and relatable. 

Follow me I’m Sweet and Sour . 

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